Trish and Fia of ÈGON


1. How would you define Ègon?

A friend that you can call at 3 am on weekdays, a cherry on top of your vanilla ice cream.



2. What was your inspiration for making Ègon?

The product itself inspired by mostly food - but sometimes movie, random images, or our own dreams.



3. Where did the name ‘Ègon’ come from?

It’s a shorten from “Eceng - Gondok”, our first core product elements. Trish felt like the word is too long, so we used to call our bags as “Eg-On” bags.



4. Where and when did you learn how to crochet?

Fia: I learnt it from my grandma, she used to make lots of table mats and blanket with no pattern at all! Recognised it all by memories. Always admire her for that.
Trish: Fia finally taught me how to—because she's concern about Fia's tiny hands.



5. Why choose crochet?

Fia: For me, because it is dear to my heart - something to help me remembering my grandma. It is also rather therapeutic, you should try it!
Trish: There's a lot of story you transfer to yarn while you doing it. Thanks to every yarns!



6. How does Ègon deal with this pandemic?

By just living through it—everything does not necessarily happens for a reason, so make that reason yourself, then.



7. What are your hopes and dreams in 2021?

Being able to create things during this period is something that we need to be grateful for—hopefully this year, everyone will still be able to keep their chin and creative spirit up!