1. Are the items Ready or Made To Order?
Our products are both made by order (PO) and ready stock with limited quantities. We aspire to create a better environment for the future by limiting our production and reducing fabric waste.

2. How long does the process took?
The processing time took 7-10 working days. However, we only open three batches every month, the first is in the beginning of the month, the second is in the middle of the month, and the third is at the end of the month. Once the slots are full, the orders will be proceed to the next batch. 

3. How to care for our products?
Washing our products by hand using mild detergent is recommended to maintain the longetivity of the product. We do not reccomend for you to hang our products since it will stretch the fabric. Click this link for further information and demonstration!

4. Can I customize the colors?
Unfortunately, we do not accept custom colors. However, we do accept custom sizes. Hence, feel free to contact us through whatsapp to custom yours.

5. Do you do world wide shipping?
Yes, we do ship world wide. We accept payment via PayPal. For further shipping method will be informed through Email.

6. How do I proceed to payment with PayPal?

Since in the checkout there is no options except 'bank transfer', please do choose 'bank transfer' as your preferred payment at checkout and contact us through WhatsApp or email us for further guidance to proceed with PayPal. 

7. How do I know which size to order?
Keep in mind that most of our products are oversized. Your actual size will look slightly oversized. if you want a more fitted look, we recommend you to downsize from your actual size.