About Us

SASSH is a Jakarta-based slow fashion brand
who offers warm weather knits apparel, designed to retain that cozy feeling
and express the freedom of movement.


Established in 2020 when Staying-At-Home has become a requirement
due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Hence, joy and comfort are the two emotions people seems to seek.
We want to merge the feelings and realize it in a form of clothing to bring happiness in people’s lives.


Everyday shapes & colors through random objects,
arts and furnitures are our key inspiration. We aspire to create a better environment
for the future by limiting our production and reducing fabric waste.


We are committed to creating quality garments, which last and can be worn season after season. Our brand ethos is 'Slow Fashion' and we are on a journey towards sustainability and are always conscious of our environmental impact. Our focus is maintaining responsible methods from design and production to distribution.

As a fashion brand, it is indeed difficult to cut off waste entirely, nevertheless, what's more, to avoid excess waste and to ensure quality we always produce in limited quantities. Of course, manufacturing in smaller quantities like this costs more but we believe this to be better environmentally and more sustainable for a small business. We strive to minimize our ecological footprint by using the Pre-Order system to avoid overproduction and by producing only what is required. This means most of the garments sold through this website are made-to-order only. We then use the fabric waste from our clothing and turn it into our Upcycling Project.



The future of fashion relies on people – the people who make clothes, the farmers who grow the crops for our materials, our employees, and our customers. We want to have a positive impact on everyone we depend on and for those who depend on us in return. We believe everybody in our supply chain should be treated with respect and dignity. We also believe each person should earn a fair wage and be recognized and valued equally.

With a production based out of Bandung, Indonesia, hand-in-hand we want to empower local artisans (UMKM) and thus build life-long relationships with our partners and community. We are community-minded and family-focused, forging partnerships that are mutually beneficial, based on real, genuine family values.

We will continue to work with and grow the local communities and artisans around us. We will continue to adhere to handmade production with complete care and love. As we prosper, we will always continue to give back and stay thoughtful.

We choose to work with the home industry manufacturing sector which means we are also choosing handmade over mass-produced relying on fewer machines and therefore fewer energy emissions.

It is important to us that we know how our products are made and who is making them. We want to keep a personal connection with each and every one of our employees to ensure they are well taken-care of. By being based in Bandung and working so closely with these local communities, we are able to support and encourage local artisans to create beautiful handmade products.



We are committed to reducing our waste and use of raw materials and increasing our innovation of repurposed, recycled, and regenerated alternatives. Our Upcycling Project has grown over the years, from airpods case to the most recent, bucket hat. It would never be enough to give fabric waste a somewhat useful life, we must transform it, make it desirable or useful in and of itself. We make every piece with love, special for each one of our customers.

Many of you are wondering, why knit? With knit materials, it makes it easier for us to oversee the whole production process. From picking threads, handing it over to the local craftsman, to cutting and sewing, all can be managed thoroughly in each of the processes. These are why we choose knit as our materials and came up with all the collections solely based on the stated materials.

We love how versatile knitwear can be. The lockdowns have brought comfort dressing to the forefront of fashion, we wanted to create something fun that you still felt cute in while being as comfortable as you would be in your sweats.

We want to empower the individuals wearing our clothes. Our design ethos is centered around strong, impassioned ideas and we believe in the power of color and print. We want to give our customers the opportunity to express their true character through timeless, wearable, and unique designs.