Tika and Andre


1. How do you describe Studio Tanda?

We see Studio Tanda as our baby. And as a parent of this small brand we do want to see it grow and inspire many people in the future.



2. What inspires you to make Studio Tanda?

It was all started as a fun collaboration between me (Tika) and Andre, we launched our first ring on November 2018. Our first piece, Love All, was supposed to be a single project and we did not plan keep to this extend! That time we didn’t even have a brand name yet, just our initials engraved inside of the ring (which now we keep as our logo!). We decided to continue our adventure as TandA in April 2019 :).



3. What differentiates your brand with other brands?

We think it’s illustrations and the meaning behind each piece. Since we have our workshop in our living room, we are so lucky that we have all the resources that we need; with that we are able to explore what ever we have in mind in our living room. From drawings, shapes and other possibilities. 


 4. What kind of triggers motivates you to create your pieces?

Our Dreams. 


5. Can you tell us a little about Studio Tanda's whole production process?

First we will started with a sketch, after we are happy with the sketch we will have our amazing wax carver to have it manually carved on wax, most jewellery brand now use 3D print for their design but we just fell in love with the “perfectly-inperfect” feel of manual wax carving. After that we will have that cast and put it onto a rubber mold. With that mold we can have it cast in sterling silver or solid gold and all will be finished by hand.


6. What message do you want to convey to your customers / audience through your brand?

If you see an opportunity, take it. If you have something good in your head, say it. We really want to encourage everyone to follow their dreams, be true to them self and never stop trying.


 7. Could you tell us about you latest collection?

Our latest collection; RAM (Random Access Memory) — it’s about me and Andre digging thru random images and simple memory that we seem to keep in our head since we are teenager. One of them is “Love Kills”, I remember in my early 20s I have a jacket with “Love Kills” written on the back (which I thought it was really cool) and around the same year Andre also have a shirt with “Love Heals” written in front.