Putri Samboda

1. What are you currently busy with?

I'm always busy with my DIY upcycling projects on the weekend and sometimes they take days or even weeks to complete, so there's always something fun going on here juggling between project to project.



2. Why did you start doing upcyling?
Since I was little I have been interested in collecting food packages but I had no intention of upcycling as I wasn't even aware of the term up until last year. But back in 2018 I made my khong ghuan bag which was my very first piece. At the time I felt bored with my wardrobe and wanted to wear something different. I was obsessed with the khong guan tin so I thought it would make the perfect statement accessory.


3. How do you start making upcycled products?

I started intensely upcycling at the beginning of the pandemic last year. I had so much free time and decided to declutter my apartment. I had so many clothes, shoes, bags that I never even got to wear just laying around in the closet. Then I started experimenting with the items I found and I realised that it is the perfect activity for me to channel my creativity. It was my 'aha' moment to live a more mindful and conscious life.




4. What impact do you want to make through upcycling?

My upcycling journey hasn't been easy. I think when people see something different and unusual, people tend to be cynical about it. That's how I feel with upcycling, I've had people telling me what I created is stupid just because it's not to their liking. I guess what I'm trying to show is that it's not about what you wear but how you wear it. Not everything has to be designer. Wearing 'trash' can be cool too, and the best part is that you're also saving the environment.



5. Any tips/recommendation for someone who wants to start upcyling?

The first step is to look for something you no longer want from your closet or your house and think about what you need. Do you need a new top? Do you need a new bag? Then develop the idea from there. What makes upcycling fun is that there are no rules and you can be abstract about it. It's all about incorporating your style into the items you are creating.