Dita Putri Widyanti

1. What is your day to day routine like as a DJ?

Since I'm not actually a full time DJ, I actually have a pretty normal 9-5er routine! That being said, waking up early to give myself an hour or two ro forecast my attitude for the day is always cruicial. I'd listen to some podcast and light an incense to set the tone of the morning - do a bit of stretching, pamper myself with some good ol' skincare, oh and make myself a really good cup of coffee to get the day started; then non stop screen time! Regardless of having a gig or not, this is pertty much how my day to day goes - the mornings are important!

2. At what age have you started DJ-ing?

Started digging at the age of 19 at around 2014.

3. What got you into becoming a DJ?

My whole life I've never really felt like I've had any control - not even to my own self. But, when I started DJing it really did make me feel that I could have some of that power. It's such a good feeling knowing people are dancing to the rhythm of my music. That's how I really got into it, until now. It really is that sense of release that I crave, and of course to lead the dance floor!

4. What or who inspires you the most when you make your own mixtape/mix?

I personally find inspirations whenever I dont's think too much about creating. When I mis, I do it quite spontaneously. I would say that my audience is the biggest inspirations because I want them to move their feet whenever they hear my set!

5. If you can describe your playlist in one word, what would it be?

I don't know about one word but it's definitely a FAB mix of danceable disco and house.