Cantika Abigail



1. What' your routine during this pandemic?

My routine at the beginning of the pandemic was mostly self care; like meditating, reading books, working out and making contents. When I'm in Bali, my routine would be starting the day with going to the beach at 8 AM, enjoying nature while reading books before I go through the rest of my day. For now, I am happy to tell you that I am currently busy promoting my new single "SIGN" and doing virtual performances. I am also working on a new song, a collaboration project with someone exciting. 



2. What do you do to avoid/reduce stress during this pandemic?

I'm pretty sure everyone has a different way to cope with the situation. For me, to reduce stress, I go to Bali. That's how I recharge myself. When it gets too chaotic in Jakarta, I go to Bali. Bali is very serene and super chill. When I have to be in Jakarta for work, meeting my family is my go-to stress reliever. Oh, and working out also gives me a peace of mind.



3. Congratulations on your new single! How do you define "SIGN"?

The song SIGN is about a girl and a boy who are in love with each other at the wrong time. In this song, the girl says that she loves him, she would do anything for him, and that she'll wait for him, and now it's his turn to return the favour and give her a 'sign' and assurance that he wants this relationship too. I hope this song could encourage all the ladies out there to speak their heart out because we ladies deserve to have a say in a relationship and not just wait in silence.



4. What is the first thing you want to do after this pandemic is over?

I would really love to perform in front of real live audience. I will be performing in a drive cinema this month and I can't wait to experience performing live again! I've done several virtual performances but it's not the same. For me performing is all about transferring my energy to the audience and vice versa. And of course I would really love to travel again!