Athaya Puri

1. What do you do during the Covid pandemic? What is your routine?

I stay at home and go to the supermarket once in a while, haha! Did everything online, including my graduation ceremony and dance classes. My everyday routine consists of waking up in the morning, shower my dog with love, shower myself with love (exercise and making healthy breakfasts), and then I do anything I have to do. At the end of the day I take dance classes or do yoga, have dinner and I'm ready for a good night sleep!


2. What do you do to avoid/reduce stress during this pandemic?

Not that I don't care, but I guess it's good to know, be cautious and obey the protocols for the sake of yourself and other. But it's not healthy to fill your mind with those negative news. One other thing that always succeed in reducing stress for me is dancing! Dancing plays a big role in my life and it keeps me healthy physically and mentally. I take ballet classes since I was four, and thank god I can still take them during this pandemic! And last but not lease, I keep that positive vibes going! The last thing you want is to get sad and depressed during this time of uncertainty.


3. What did you learn from this pandemic?

I learnt that we as humans are just these tiny molecules in the universe and that we have no control of it.. at all. So might as well just enjoy the ride and make the best of it! Send love to your friends and family, cook more, read more, dance more, laugh more! But most importantly, be grateful! Because acceptance is the key to happiness.